ROM/Firmware Upgrade for HTC Smart

One of my friend bought HTC Smart. A java based smart phone with very good features. She used it for two weeks but suddenly phone stopped working. All other things were working properly like sending & receiving SMS, incoming call except outgoing calls. She tried to call HTC customer care. As per them she have to visit customer care centre. After visiting over their, they told her, it is the software issue & they require bill for further processing. But due to some reason she was not having bill at that time. Even they refused to guide how to update the software. She came to me for help. I tried to restore factory setting, but no luck. After going through HTC website I came to know software updation is a very simple process. So thought I should write an article on it to help others. You need to follow few steps to flash your phone software.

Downloading firmware

  • Go to HTC website
  • Select Support tab.
  • Choose your model.
  • In the Download Section you will get ROM Upgrade for HTC Smart. Click on the Download.
  • To begin download you need to enter phone’s serial no & closet location for download.

Before updating firmware

  • Please make sure you have install HTC Sync for Brew MP on your computer and the USB sync cable is connected to your device and PC.
  • Please back up your data first with HTC Sync for Brew MP before upgrading your phone.
  • All running applications on the device have been closed.
  • Make sure that the battery level of the device is at least 50%. To check the battery level you could check the battery icon on the upper right corner.
  • Once you proceed with the upgrade, the system can not be downgraded again.
  • The update will take up to 10 minutes, DO NOT interrupt the update process, make/receive phone calls, disconnect the device from the PC, or press any buttons until the process has been completed.

Updating firmware

  • Connect your phone via USB sync cable (you must have installed HTC sync for HTC Smart).
  • Launch the application on your PC. On the Welcome Screen, select the I understand the caution above and have reviewed the Readme check box, and then click Next.

    Note: Before going ahead, click View Readme when executing the ROM Upgrade Utility (RUU) to view detailed upgrade procedure, error message information or Q&A.
  • The following message will then be displayed, indicating that the utility is verifying and acquiring information about the phone as preparation for the update process. Wait for this verification process to finish.
  • A progress bar will appear during the update process.

    Note: If during the update process, the progress bar stops running, do not be alarmed. The progress bar stopping is normal as the HTC System Software Update Utility is adjusting itself to complete the update process automatically.
  • When you see the screen below, it means that the update is finished. Click Finish to exit the utility.

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  1. william says:

    hi, i am planning to update my rom version to the one that is already available on HTC’s website. i just want to know what will be my benifits in updating my rom version to this rom upgrade.

    thanks in advance for your help…

    • Vidyadhar says:

      I have updated from previous version because of,
      the phone was hanging after using it long time.
      not able to make any outgoing calls

  2. nivash says:

    ok.. does it erase my default game & application?

  3. jabezmmm says:

    thanx a lot for the info.. even i hav an htc smart.. realy slow at times

  4. deepika says:

    how to save my message using htc smart suite ? can anyone please help me ???

  5. FezzFest says:

    Wow! The ROM Update Utility (RUU) for the Smart looks exactly the same as for all other -real- HTC smartphones with Windows Mobile. Cool.

  6. Pradeep says:

    Thank you very much…
    My friend had the same problem with his HTC smart. I found this link and followed the process and no the phone is working absolutely fine. My friend is very happy as he was thinking of scrapping the phone…. Thanks again.

    My Friend’s Comment: My phone is working absolutely fine now…Thank you very much :)

  7. issa says:

    where can i download free full version games for htc smart?

  8. mohsen says:

    hi dear .
    my serial number is ht127p002568
    when i try to get ROM/Firmware Upgrade for HTC Smart , htc site refuse my serial number. help me please dear dude!
    please send mail to my email adress
    thanks a lot
    best wishes

  9. andreh says:

    hi dear .
    my serial number is HT05BP003209-rom.
    when i try to get ROM/Firmware Upgrade for HTC Smart , htc site refuse my serial number. help me please dear dude!
    please send mail to my email adress
    thanks a lot
    best wishes


  10. guna says:

    One of the worst phones released by HTC .their older models work faster

  11. A-Kay-Zee says:


    Don’t waste time in googling for upgrade, as We’ve already gone thru the pains and the HTC’s Help/ Download page mostly gives “Internal Server Error”.

    Just follow these following “Simple” steps:

    i] Download this RUU_ROME_ASIA_India_Ship_1.0.720.95739[1].exe (

    ii]After installing, launch the application and click on “View Readme” and follow the steps.

    When done with these steps, Ur phone will be back to normalcy. : )

    Help Others, like We Did.
    Remember Us in Ur Prayers.

  12. mehs says:

    my serial number is ht0c7p001254-rom.1.0.751.109663
    when i try to get ROM/Firmware Upgrade for HTC Smart , htc site refuse my serial number. help me please dear dude!
    please send mail to my email adress
    thanks a lot
    best wishes

  13. A-Kay-Zee says:


    Hey, same happened with us. But we found this Upgrade being uploaded by some “Angel” for people like us at mediafire ( So, just download it and install it. Will work fine for U.

    Hope it helps!


  14. Dennis says:

    I have similar issues with my HTC smart. I have tried to do the upgrade but after 1% the download fails with the message “Error 294 Invalid Vender ID” The Vender being O2.
    Any suggestions?

    • A-Kay-Zee says:

      @Rafi: Thanks for the links. Seems to be a newer version of ROM Upgrade Utility for the HTC Smart Series. Will check it out.

    • m bilal says:

      i am searching for rom upgrade for htc smart (1.0.405.109663)

      and i get only different version rom.

      please help to get appropriate version..

  15. ali says:

    Persian rom htc smart phone Please send me the serial number ht05pp000309. Thanks

  16. ali says:

    Please Farsi language rom for my htc smart with sn ht05pp000309 send

  17. beats says:

    Woah this weblog is great i like reading your posts. Stay up the good work! You already know, a lot of people are hunting around for this info, you could help them greatly.

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