Create hotspot in Ubuntu 11.10

Recently I need to access my Internet from my blackberry device. I already using Connectify to run my windows machine as a wifi-hotspot, but due to some reason on my laptop windows was not working. So I thought I should find some alternative to create a wifi hotspot in Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 11.10 gives user easy way to turn their computer into hotspot. You can simply do it without installing any application.

To get started got to the Application > System Tools > System Settings > Network Setting > Wireless. You will see the following screen in your Computer.

Click on Use as Hotspot. You hotspot will be immediately create with the SSID name “UBUNTU”. If you want to change it go to configure

1st field is for assigning a name for a connection. 2nd field is for enabling security in hotspot connection. 3rd field is for assigning SSID as a unique name. 4th field is for cloning your MAC address.

To Configure wireless security, select different security mode of your desire and put your desired password.

That’s it. Your wifi hotspot is ready in Ubuntu.
If you are using any other software or method please let us know the same.

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