Today I have to create Windows XP bootable floppy image for some personal work. But due to unavailability of physical floppy drive, I have to use Virtual Floppy Drive. With Virtual Floppy Drive we can mount a floppy image file as a virtual floppy drive and directly access the contents. You can also able to view, edit, rename, delete or create files with Virtual Floppy Drive.

To create Windows XP bootable floppy image you need to download Virtual Floppy Drive
Go to
Download the latest version of VFD and extract it on your Desktop.
You can start VFD by two way as an automated service or a manual service.
To start the VFD for the first time, go to the extracted folder of VFD on your desktop which you have extracted earlier.
Run vfdwin.exe

To start VFD when your system starts then click on “AUTO” radio button. Now start VFD by clicking “START” button.

First thing after starting VFD is you need to assign a drive letter. VFD created two virtual floppy drives, Drive0 and Drive1. To assign a drive letter to Drive0,
Click on “Drive0” tab

Click on Change button opposite “Drive Letter”
Choose appropriate drive letter from Drive Letter drop down menu and click ok.

Creating floppy image
Click on “Drive0” menu and select “open/create” button

Click on “browse” button, navigate your destination where you want to save your floppy image and named the file as floppy.img

In the Open Virtual Floppy Image screen choose appropriate options and click on “Create” button

Formatting floppy drive, saving Windows XP system files on it and saving the image
Open My Computer
Right Click on Floppy Drive & select Format

Select “Quick Format”, “Create an MS-DOS startup disk” and click Start

Once the drive is formated, go to My Computer, double click on floppy drive icon and check whether you have system files in it or not.

To save the image again go to VFD, click “Save” button and choose destination and click save button.

Creating Windows XP bootable floopy with Virtual Floppy Drive

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