This tutorial is for factory resetting Samsung Galaxy Nexus before going forward with root and other subsequent awesomeness.

In this tutorial you will get full factory restore ODIN with radios (both LTE and CDMA), kernel and recovery. This will bring you back to the current unrooted 4.0.2 release of Android for the Galaxy Nexus.

Before going further please note
Flashing this will wipe ALL userdata and your sdcard partition! Make a backup and copy it off of your phone.
It will bring your device back to stock running Android 4.0.2 Build ICL53F with EK05 CDMA and EK02 LTE radios.
It will not relock the boot loader. You must relock your bootloader after flashing this ODIN to be 100% factory.

Files to download
File: VzW-SCHi515-FactoryODIN-ICL53F-
md5 : b94776ca0102f8be02ccea90dcaaf271
Size: 158 MB

File: Odin3_v1.3.exe
md5 : a93c47f0589153249f453375be7d8643
Size: 406 KB

Inside the 7zip file:

File: VzW-PDA-ODIN-I515EL03_ICL53F_signed.tar
md5 : 6ff33e5b0d6b2da1c13824e0d90e97d9

File: VzW-PHONE-ODIN-SCH-I515.EK02_LTE.tar
md5 : b8d16828a1b777e4938834cba9e8f601

Step 1 This assumes that you already have the Samsung driver installed, the phone is unplugged from the computer and turned off.
Step 2 Download the 7zip file and Odin3.
Step 3 Open Odin3
Step 4 Connect the phone to the computer
Step 5 Enter download mode (hold the vol down key and press power). Odin3 should now see the phone.
Step 6 In Odin3 click ‘PDA’ and select the PDA ODIN file from the archive
Step 7 In Odin3 click ‘PHONE’ and select the PHONE ODIN file from the archive
Step 8 Click Start. After it is completed the phone will reboot. The Odin3 screen should look following

Step 9 Now check the version.

For more details and updates please follow this thread @XDA-Forum

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Nexus
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