Google Chrome is a freeware web browser developed by Google. Most of the time I use Google Chrome as a Primary browser.

The reason for using and downloading Google Chrome on Ubuntu System are as follows

  • Speed
    Chrome is designed to be the fastest web browser. With one click, it loads web pages, multiple tabs, and applications with lightning speed.
  • Simplicity
    Chrome is a clean and simple browser. The omnibox and multi tabbed browsing make navigating the web a breeze. When you close chrome, it will remember the tabs you had open so you can pick up right where you left off. Chrome also comes equipped with a built-in PDF viewer, eliminating the need to install any software. You can even print, resize, and save PDF’s.
  • Security/Privacy
    Chrome keeps you safe and sound with its built-in malware and phishing protection. It has safe browsing technology and will show you a warning message before you visit a site that is suspicious. Chrome also automatically updates, so you always have the latest and most up-to-date version.
  • Signing In
    If you are sharing a computer with other people, you can add multiple users to keep your bookmarks, apps, and extensions separate. Anything you update on one device will instantly update everywhere else you sign in to Chrome brower. Once you sign in, you decide what you want to sync.
  • Quick Incognito Mode
    The incognito mode in Chrome is a nifty feature. Although private browsing mode was later introduced in Firefox and some other browsers too, Chrome’s incognito wins hands down. I particularly like how quickly you could go incognito by pressing Ctrl+Shift+n.
  • No Restart Required When Installing Add-ons
    Yes, unlike Firefox where you need to restart your browser whenever you install a new extension or uninstall an old one, Chrome doesn’t require that. And as someone who plays with a lot of add-ons, I can tell you, this feature saves a lot of time and frustration.

Following is the Step by Step process of How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 15.04

Step 1 : Open your existing browser and go to following link
Link for downloading Google Chrome
install google chrome on ubuntu

Step 2 : Click Download and a small window will pop up with some download options.
install google chrome on ubuntu

The top two options are the ones we want the .deb check the box next to the correct format for your system 32-bit or 64-bit.

If you are not sure about your Operating System Bit, follow How to Find Operating System Bit in Ubuntu tutorial.

Step 3 : Once the Download completes you will have a file like this in your downloads folder. Once its complete double click it.
install google chrome on ubuntu

Give your PC a few moments and the Ubuntu Software Center should open up with the .deb file you have downloaded ready to install. Click the install button.
install google chrome on ubuntu

You will be prompted for your password to start the installation.
install google chrome on ubuntu

This should take no more that 2 mins to install.

One install you can search for Google Chrome
install google chrome on ubuntu

That’s it. Enjoy a browsing experience with Google Chrome.
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How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu 15.04
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  • August 13, 2015 at 6:42 pm

    Nice tutorial. It helped me to install Google Chrome on my newly installed Ubuntu 15.04


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