This is the simple tutorial which will help you to install three different os on the single machine. We will be installing Windows 7, Fedora 17 and Ubuntu 12.04.

First we will install Windows 7, then Fedora, then install Ubuntu in last. Ubuntu’s GRUB is better than Fedora’s, since it detects all other operating systems on your computer.

Step 1 Install Windows!(Skip this step if you have it already)

Step 2 Shrink your Windows Partition using windows inbuilt utility called Disk Management.
Click on the Start Menu, then right-click Computer, then select Manage. Then Select Disk Management from the sidebar.

Step 3 Right-Click the Windows Partition and Choose Shrink Volume. Decide How many MB’s you will want to give to Ubuntu and Fedora. I suggest shrinking about 20-50 GBs for both Fedora and Ubuntu, since as per my requirements there should be at least 6.5 GB of disk space for both.

Step 4 Shut down Windows.

Step 5 Boot into a Fedora Installation or Live CD and choose Install Fedora.

Step 6 Keep going and then stop at this step.

Step 7 Choose Create Custom Layout.

Step 8 Select the Free thing and then click the Create button.

Step 9 Click Create again. Choose the Mount Point as / and give some space to Fedora in MBs. Remember to leave some space for Ubuntu!

Step 10 Go through the rest of the Process

Step 11 Restart your machine and setup through all those Fedora Stuff.

Step 12 Then reboot into a Ubuntu Live CD.

Step 13 Again, stop at this step.

Step 14 Choose Something Else.

Step 15 Click the Free space and then click Add. Again choose / for the mount point and use a Logical Partition. Choose any Disk size you want.

Step 16 Click OK and go through the rest of the process

Step 17 A GRUB menu should appear to let you choose Windows, Ubuntu, and Fedora!

Note: If Fedora didn’t show up in the GRUB menu, you might have to type sudo update-grub in the Terminal.

How to triple-boot Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows 7

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