As the Ubuntu 12.04 beta is out I thought I should give it a try. Currently I am using Ubuntu 11.04. So it is very simple task to Upgrade my current version to Ubuntu 12.04.

Before doing so I was having 3 options

Option 1 – Download ISO image from the ubuntu website and burn that into CD. Boot the cd and upgrade while installing into your machine which have earlier version of Ubuntu.

Option 2 – Make a Bootable flash drive to upgrade.

Option 3 – Use Update Manager.

As the easiest method I started upgrading my current OS using option 3.

Step 1 : Open a command propmt and run following commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install update

Step 2 : Now start Update Manager using following command

sudo update-manager -d

Step 3 : It will ask for the passoword, provid the same. Now you should get the upgrade button on the right top.

Step 4 : Click on the Upgrade Button after confirming the upgrading it starts downloading the updates.

Step 5 : For downloading and upgrading my machine it took 45 minutes. The time limit depends on your internet connection.

How to Upgrade Ubuntu to Ubuntu 12.04
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