This is the simply tutorial which will help new user’s of Ubuntu to connect Reliance Broadband Netconnect+ on Ubuntu.

Step 1 Check the USB Modem to see if there is any memory card already inserted

Step 2 Remove any onboard memory card

Step 3 Connect the modem and wait for “Network Manager” to detect the modem (time can range from a second to 5 minutes top)

Step 4 Once “Network Manager” detects the device as a modem as a mobile broadband device, click on the “Network” indicator and choose the your device as detected and you should see network “Icon” rotating(indicating that the system is trying to make a connection)

Step 5 A “Connection Established” notification will spring up if the connection is successful

Step 6 If network manager fails to recognize the device as a mobile broadband device, remove the device and click on the network indicator, select “Edit Connections”

Step 7 A “Network Connections” dialog box will show up. Click on “Mobile Broadband” and choose “Add”.

Step 8 Choose continue and also choose the country from which you are making the connection (INDIA in my case) and select the provider from the list of providers (RELIANCE NET CONNECT) and click continue.

Step 9 Finally choose apply and connect the USB Modem and wait for about 5 minutes to allow network manager to recognize the device as a mobile broadband device. Once recognized, click on the device name under the network indicator to activate the connection.

How to use Reliance Broadband Netconnect+ on Ubuntu

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