Recently I need to upgrade Ubuntu kernel version. I tried to do same with kernel-ppa. But it was not working. So I need to install it manually.

I am using 32bit machine and my current kernel version is :

uname -r

To update the version to 2.6.39 RC4 download the kernel first:

mkdir /tmp/kernel
cd /tmp/kernel

Now we need to install kernel-image as well as kernel-headers

cd /tmp/kernel
sudo dpkg -i *

Now we need to reboot our machine to update the version:

sudo init 6

While rebooting choose kernel 2.6.39-020639rc4. Once the reboot confirm the kernel version by running

uname -r

For 64bit machine you can download file from below links:

Install Kernel 2.6.39 RC4 on Ubuntu 11.04
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One thought on “Install Kernel 2.6.39 RC4 on Ubuntu 11.04

  • September 22, 2011 at 5:46 am

    I think you meant to say on 64 bit machines 😉 not 63bit machines… LoL =)


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