Officially IBM do not support installing Websphere Application Server (WAS) on Ubuntu. There are so many user like me who just want to evaluate the product by installing it on their desktop OS.

This is a how-to for installing IBM Websphere Application Server 7 on Ubuntu 11.10

If you want to install WebSphere 8.5 Network Edition on Ubuntu 15.04 then have a look of How to Install WebSphere 8.5 on Ubuntu 15.10

Please Note : I have reduced the screen shots size. For better viewing click on the screenshots.

First download Websphere Application Server Trial binaries for linux from here and save it to /tmp/ folder

Before going ahead we have to run following commands for smooth installation on Ubuntu as Ubuntu is not a certified OS to install Websphere Application Server

sudo -i
cd /bin
unlink sh
ln -s /bin/bash sh

I am going to install WAS through vidyadhar user and will be installting WAS in /app/IBM folder. So first I will create /app/IBM folder

sudo mkdir -p /app/IBM
sudo chown -R vidyadhar:vidyadhar /app/IBM

Uncompressing the Binary files and starting the installation

cd /tmp/
tar zxvf ../

Step 1 Installation wizard welcome screen
You will be presented with the installation wizard welcome screen as seen below:
Clicking on Next will take you to the software license agreement screen.

Step 2 Software license agreement
It is a requirement that you accept the license agreement; Click Next to move on to the prerequisites check.

Step 3 System prerequisites check
The installer will check to ensure that your Linux OS meets the required prerequisites. If your OS is not supported, you may see a screen similar to the one below:

Step 4 Non root user warning
As we are not using root user to install WAS we will see the below warning. Click Next to bypass the same.

Step 5 Optional features
In this option we can install Sample Applications, Language Pack. For my installation it is not needed so I am just deselction all the options.

Step 6 Installation directory
We are doing this installation in /app/IBM directory.

Step 7 WebSphere Application Server environments
Depending on which installation scenario you chose, you will now have to select a type of installation. The type of installation chosen will determine whether a profile is created or not.
There are three types of installation options listed by the wizard as shown below:

Management profile
A management profile includes an administrative agent server and services for managing multiple application server environments. An administrative agent manages application servers that are on the same machine.

Standalone application server
A standalone application server environment runs your enterprise applications. The application server is managed from its own administrative console and functions independently of all other application servers.

Base binaries
WebSphere Application Server version 7.0 requires at least one profile to be functional. Select this option only if one or more profiles will be created after installation completes successfully.

In this installation I do not want to create any profile so I am selection None option

Step 8 Profile Warning
As we are selecting NONE profile it will give following error. Click NEXT

Step 9 Verifying Permission
In next screen select Verify my permission to perform the installation to avoid installtion errors.

Step 10 Verifying Permission
In this screen you will get Success message for permission, click on NEXT to go ahead.

Step 11 Installation Progress Screen

Step 12 Installation Complete
In case of successfull installation you will see Success message on the screen. I have unchecked Profile Creation Wizard option

I have also posted the video tutorial on Youtube

Installing Websphere Application Server 7 on Ubuntu
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