You may have multiple ISP terminated on router, and might be willing to share load. Following guide can help you utilize both links.

SR IP Policy based route on Cisco Router

I have one leased line (ISP1), which is for hosted servers and another is DSL link (ISP2) for user web surfing.
I do not wish users to utilize leased line. To divert all users / proxy server on DSL link following config is what I use.

Add proxy server IP in access list.

conf t
access-list 111 permit ip host any

Create route map for specific access list & assign ISP2 DSL router as next hop

conf t
route-map isp2 permit 10
description via_isp2
match ip address 111
set ip next-hop

Apply policy on fast ethernet, which is connected to firewall / user network.

conf t
int f0/0
ip policy route-map isp2


IP Policy based route on Cisco Router

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