Installing scsi-target-utils

yum install scsi-target-utils

Configure service to start on boot

service tgtd start
chkconfig tgtd on

How to create iscsi drives called targets

iSCSI is comprised of two components. A target and an initiator. The target is the iscsi or san server. The initiator is the client device connecting to the iscsi server.

Targets LUN can be either LVM logical volume, a disk partition, a whole disk, or a file.

scsi-target-utils is controlled on the cli by commands. New scsi-target-utils has a configuration file


Add the following to the targets.conf file to create the target “iqn.2010-10.example:iscsi.shares” and with two LUNs /dev/sdb1 /dev/sdb2

backing-store /dev/sdb1
backing-store /dev/sdb2

Initiate the changes (have tgt re-read config file)

tgt-admin --execute

List Active Targets

tgtadm –lld iscsi –mode target –op show

Open Firewall to allow iSCSI connections
Open port 3260


add 3260:tcp

Check that the port is open

iptables -L
ACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere            state NEW tcp dpt:iscsi-target


ISCSI San on CentOS
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