Ever since I shifted from Windows to Linux I was missing itunes for uploading my music and videos to my iPOD. I have tried amarok, but fail to upload videos on ipod. Now I am using Banshee.

Banshee is maintained by Aaron Bockover, Alexander Kojevnikov, Bertrand Lorentz, and Gabriel Burt. Over 140 developers, 111 translators, 6 artists, and countless users and volunteers have contributed to Banshee.
The project was started by Aaron in early 2005. It is strongly affiliated with GNOME, using its infrastructure for Git hosting, issue tracking, mailing lists, and IRC.

Website: http://banshee-project.org/

Supporting operating systems:
opensuse, foresight, ubuntu, fedora, debian, mac os x, madriva


  • Device Sync: Sync your music and videos to your Android, iPod, or other device – or import its media
  • Podcasts: Download or stream podcasts and video podcasts
  • Play Queue: Queue up songs, videos, and podcasts, or let the Auto DJ take over
  • Shuffle Modes:Shuffle (or Auto DJ) by artist, album, rating, or even songs’ acoustic similarity
  • Album Art: Artwork is automatically fetched as you listen
  • Powerful Search, Smart Playlists: Find exactly what you want, fast
  • Video Support: All the power of Banshee, now for your videos.

Installing banshee just takes 5mins, for installing banshee on Fedora 12

yum -y install banshee

Just attach your iPOD select banshee from Application > sound & video > banshee and import your videos in it.

Itune replacement for Linux

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