One of my client is having two machines, one is ubuntu server and another one is windows. He has setup Ubuntu as a server machine, so he can connect it using SSH, FTP, VNC remotely. He is using windows machine only for gaming purpose.

But now he got some US project and want to work as per their time. They have provided one cisco client which is working only on windows. So whenever he wants to work from outside he has to assure that his windows system is on before leaving office.

To solve this issue I told him about wake on lan (WOL). I told him he can start his windows machine whenever he want it via wake on lan. He just need an ethernet address (MAC) address of the windows machine. So this how to is for how to enable wake on lan on motherboard as well as on windows / ubuntu.

To enable wake on lan on motherboard, go to BIOS and search for Power Option. There you will see wake on lan option. Just enable it, save the BIOS settings.

Now on windows machine you can enable wake on lan using following method.

1. Open the Device Manager and the Properties page for the Network Adapter to be WOL enabled.

2. Verify that PROset is installed and it is the latest version (check the Link Speed tab).

3. Select the Power Management tab and check the tick box “Wake on Magic Packet from power off state”.

4. Make a note of the MAC address, IP address and Subnet Mask of the Network Adapter for which WOL was enabled.

5. Power the system off.

Now on the UBUNTU machine we have to install wake on lan utility, to do so run

sudo apt-get install etherwake

Above command will install ehterwake utility which we can use to power on windows machine from ubuntu.

Now just run following command to start windows machine using WOL from ubuntu

wakeonlan 00:15:17:AF:57:B5

00:15:17:AF:57:B5 is a MAC address of windows machine which we got from step 4.

That’s it. Your machine should start now.

Please note that WOL works on udp port 7 and 9. By default wakeonlan will send magic packets on port 7. If it is not working just run

wakeonlan -p 9 00:15:17:AF:57:B5

You can also power on your UBUNTU machine through windows using WOL utilty

Power on Computer Remotely Using WOL – Wake on Lan
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