Think a situation where your computer is very badly affected with the virus and your virus-scanning software is not doing anything, what you will do in such situation?

Engineers format their Windows in such situation. But there is another way also. Just download a superdat file from McAfee website. You have to extract the content of the dat file then run the executable files in command prompt.

Just go to Direct link

Create a new folder in c:
Rename it to scan
Place the SuperDat file into c:\scan folder
Click on Start > Run > cmd
Press enter it will open command prompt

Type there following command:

cd c:\scan
sdatXXX.exe /E

wait for a 2 minutes then run the following command

scan /ADL /ALL /SUB /CLEAN /REPORT C:\scan\virus.txt

This command will scan all drives and subdirectories and clean the infected file and also generate the report and save it in virus.txt file.

P.S. The SuperDat file generated on each day, so please download it on the day of virus scanning.
For better result do this procedure in Windows safe mode.

Remove Viruses without installing any virus-scanner
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One thought on “Remove Viruses without installing any virus-scanner

  • February 21, 2010 at 7:37 am

    This is very gud utility by macafee. I m using it.It’s gud to see the note on the net of the process to be done if any problem arise.KEEP IT UP…


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