In our production enviournment we always enable security to protect our server from unauthorized users.

As a recent case, one of our administrator has forgot the password after re-setting it. We took following steps to disable the security for time-being so that we can reset the password.

WARNING: Please use this as the last resort and make sure the server is not in the middle of processing any transactions.

There are 2 possible methods for disabling security

Method 1 By way of wsadmin command
Note : WAS_HOME would be Websphere Application Server path where you have actully installed Websphere Application Server. In my case path is D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer

Step 1 Open a command prompt and type following commands

cd <WAS_HOME>\bin\
wsadmin -conntype NONE


Step 2 Run securityoff command in wsadmin console to disable the Global Security



Step 3 Run exit command in wsadmin console to exit from the wsadmin command window



Step 4 That’s it. Now restart the servers.

Step 5 Enable the security from administrative console.

Step 6 Restart the servers.

Method 2 : By way of manual edit of security.xml file

Step 1 Create a copy of security.xml file from \profiles\DMGR_PROFILE\config\cells\CELL_NAME\ in case you need to roll back.

Step 2 Disable the security from the security.xml file (change the very first occurrence of enabled=”true” to enabled=”false”)

Step 3 Restart the servers.

Step 4 Enable the security from administrative console.

Step 5 Restart the servers.

Reset the Websphere Application Server Administrative Console Password

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