Earlier we have seen how to install weblogic on Ubuntu. After installation is done you need to start weblogic AdminServer.
To start AdminServer, i run


Above command will ask weblogic username and password. To avoid this we can create boot.properties.
1. Go to AdminServer directory

cd /MIDDLEWARE_DIR/user_projects/domains/techienote/servers/AdminServer

2. Create security folder

mkdir security

3. In that folder you need to create boot.properties.

cd /MIDDLEWARE_DIR/user_projects/domains/techienote/servers/AdminServer/security
vi boot.properties

Content of boot.properties will be username & password to start weblogic

cat /MIDDLEWARE_DIR/user_projects/domains/techienote/servers/AdminServer/security/boot.properties

That’s it. Next time while starting weblogic it will not ask you username and password. You can also start weblogic vi nohup command.

nohup /MIDDLEWARE_DIR/user_projects/domains/techienote/bin/startWebLogic.sh &

Don’t worry about the clear text password it will get encrypted as soon as you start weblogic server.

Start Weblogic in Production mode without user name & password

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