On askubuntu.com some one has asked “Is there a way for me to sync bookmarks between Firefox and Chrome on several different Ubuntu machines?”

The answer is yes. We can achieve this using Xmarks

Here is the simple tutorial which you will find useful, to setup Xmark on Chrome as well as firefox.

Step 1 In your Firefox browser go to Tools > Addons > Get Addons.

Step 2 Search for Xmarks.

Step 3 Click on Install button.

Step 4 It will ask to restart your browser. Click on Restart.

Step 5 Now go to Tools > Xmark > Xmark Setting

Step 6 Click on Run Setup Wizard

Step 7 In the Log in to Xmarks window click on Create an account for new account

Step 8 Fill up the require details and click on Create Account button

Step 9 Enter your computer name

Step 10 If you want to synchronize your browser history click on Enable synchronization of browser history

Step 11 Enable the appropriate options you want in next screen

Step 12 Xmark will automatically start synchronizing your data.

Step 13 After completing all the steps successfully you will get the success windows.

Step 14 Now open Chrome Browser and install Xmark plugin.

Step 15 After installation you will get Xmark icon on the right hand side of your browser.

Step 16 In the Xmark setting window click on Run Setup Wizard

Step 17 Click on Next button to start the configuration part

Step 18 We will use the techienote.com@gmail.com account which we have created earlier to sync the the data. Click on Log me in radio option.

Step 19 Fill require details.

Step 20 It will check your login with their servers

Step 21 Click on the Change Sync Setting button

Step 22 I choose Merge bookmarks with server, starting with the server, as I also want to synchronize chorme bookmarks

Step 23 Click on Sync Button, to start the synchronization.

Step 24 After successful configuration it will show you merge complete message.

Step 25 If you want to secure your data transmission you have to encrypt it. To do so go to Xmark Settings > Advanced and select Encryption to Encrypt All.

Stay tuned for more such tutorial and useful guides.

Sync Bookmarks Across Different Browser Ubuntu
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