Before compiling apache ensure that gcc is installed on your machine. To confirm just run,


If you get the following output then gcc is installed on your machine

gcc: fatal error: no input files
compilation terminated.

In case if you get command not found then either you have to install gcc or it is already install you just have to set in your home path. By default in ubuntu gcc get installed at /usr/bin/gcc. So to set it in your PATH run,

export PATH=/usr/bin/gcc:$PATH

Or you can add the above command in your profile

To install gcc on ubuntu run

sudo apt-get install gcc

Now we will download and compile the apache on our machine. I am downloading apache in my home directory.

cd ~/myapps/

Extract the downloaded file

tar -zxvf httpd-2.2.21.tar.gz

Now we will install apache in /home/vidyadhar/myapps/apache. You can give whatever directory you want by just modifying PREFIX attribute. For more options just run ./configure –help

cd httpd-2.2.21/
./configure --prefix=/home/vidyadhar/myapps/apache

Now we have to run make and make install to complete the procedure.

make install

After a successfull installation you have to modify httpd.conf file and do the basic settings.

In this installation we are going to run apache on 8081 port and we will be using our local user i.e vidyadhar to start and stop the apahce server. For server name we have to modify ServerName tag and have to put hostname over there.

Go to /home/vidyadhar/myapps/apache/conf

cd /home/vidyadhar/myapps/apache/conf

Open httpd.conf file

vi httpd.conf

Modify following settings

Listen 8081

User vidyadhar
Group vidyadhar


Now we will start apache, to do the same run

cd /home/vidyadhar/myapps/apache/bin
./apachectl -k start

To confirm apache is running on not, run following command

netstat -an | grep 8081

You should get output someting like this

tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN

Now just open your browser and enjoy your apache installation. The URL would be http://server_ip:8081/

Ubuntu Compile Apache from Source
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