Fedora team have released next version of Fedora i.e Jules Verne Fedora 16. If you already have Fedora 15 installed on your machine, there is an easy way of upgrading your Linux distribution to the latest version Fedora 16.

Steps are as follows:

Update your Fedora 15 system

Run the following command to install any updates to your Fedora 15 distribution.

su -c 'yum update'

Install the ‘preupgrade’ tool
Preupgrade is a GUI tool that walks you through the upgrade process.

su -c 'yum install preupgrade'

Start the preupgrade tool
You can run the preupgrade tool by entering the command in the terminal or via the menu.

$ preupgrade

It will ask you for your root password before presenting you the GUI.

The preupgrade tool will prepare your Fedora 15 system for upgrade.

First you have to choose the version of Fedora you want to upgrade to from the available Fedora releases.

The preupgrade tool will then start downloading the release info; the installer images; determine which packages to download; and download the packages.

Be patient, it will take some time depending upon your internet connection speed.

Lastly it will prepare and test the upgrade.

Start the upgrade process
Once the preupgrade tool has finished doing its job, it will prompt you to reboot.

When you reboot back into Fedora, it will start the Anaconda installer and the upgrade process will start.

No user intervention is required at this stage as everything is done automatically by the Anaconda installer.

The installer will do the dependency check of packages and start upgrading your system.

Post upgrade configuration include installing the boot loader which is automatically installed in the Master Boot Record (MBR) of your machine.

Once the upgrade process is finished, you can log into your brand new Fedora 16 Linux system.

Upgrading Fedora to the latest version
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