A very known problem with VirtualBox and attached USB devices. You can see USB device in USB device list of VirtualBox, but you can’t access it through guest OS. This problem will not arise if you are running VirtualBox as a root user. But for normal user you have to add yourself to vbox group.

Adding user to vbox group
Go to System -> Administration -> Users and Groups
Click on Manage Groups

Select vboxusers & select properties

Click on the check mark aginst the user you want to add to vboxusers group

Go to System -> Administration -> Users and Groups
It will ask you root password
Select Groups tab
Select vboxusers & click on Properties

Select Group Users, add current user to vboxusers group

Find gid of vboxusers

grep vboxusers /etc/group

501 is the gid of vboxusers
Add following line in /etc/fstab file

vi /etc/fstab
none                   /sys/bus/usb/drivers    usbfs devgid=501,devmode=664 0 0

Adding USB device to guest OS
Start VirtualBox, Select gust OS, select setting

Select USB, Click on Add Filter From Device

Select your USB device

Start guest OS, to check weather USB device has been added or not, click on USB device from the status bar of guest OS

USB Support in VirtualBox

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