Many times I used to see beginners are getting confused in Cell, Node, Cluster and Server terms in WebSphere Application Server. Today We will try to understand What is Cell Node Cluster Server in WebSphere?

This is the small diagram of What is Cell Node Cluster Server in WebSphere?

What is Cell Node Cluster Server in WebSphere

What is Server?
Server means a process which provides some functions. Functions can be providing a Web or Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) Container for hosting Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) artifacts, providing services such as Java Messaging Service (JMS) server or Naming, and providing configuration and operational management support. If you want to create Stand-alone Application Server in WebSphere 8.5, then check this out.

On the distributed platform a server is an operating system process that runs in a single JVM instance.
Servers are defined though a set of XML configuration files which are maintained on the file system and read in by the server when starting up.

What is node?
A node is a grouping of servers for the purpose of configuration and operational management. A node’s boundaries are limited to within a machine, and cannot span beyond those boundaries. All the servers on a particular node are managed by Node agent. Node agent is a JVM process. Node agent is created automatically when you add a Stand-alone application server node to a cell. If you want to federate a node to a cell, then check this out.

What is Cell?
A cell is a network of nodes which is used to provide a single point of administration for the nodes. It provides a single logical administration process. On the Distributed platforms, a cell may be made up from nodes on multiple heterogeneous systems. If you want to create Cell profile in WebSphere Application Server then check this out.

What is Cluster?
A Cluster is a grouping of application servers, called cluster members, running the same set of J2EE Applications. Cluster provides availability and failover capabilities. A Cell can have zero or more clusters. Cluster can span multiple machines. Cluster can also span different OS type.

Hope now you are cleared about What is Cell Node Cluster Server in WebSphere Application Server. If you want my help in any of the topic of WebSphere Application Server, do let us know through comments.

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What is Cell Node Cluster Server in WebSphere
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